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It’s because of such achievements and our valued clientele feedback; we are the Best Products Photographers have done many Commercial Shoots and Product Shoot also.

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G-Images – Professional Photography & Videography is among India’s and Global leading photographers and a true maverick since 2008. He has been successfully recognised in various photographic sectors, including Advertising & products, automobile, corporate, Interiors & Exteriors (Architectural), fashion, Industrial, street & photojournalism, travel, wildlife and other interesting genres of Photography.

Reasons Why you Should opt for Candid Photography by the Best Photographers in Delhi NCR

There are several precious moments in a wedding and candid photography helps capture all those emotions in a particular moment. There are many times when people are caught off guard in those candid shorts. These result in the most natural and the most unposed expressions. The essence of the moment is captured in this type of photography and this allows the viewers to feel as if they are present right there along with the bride and the groom. Hiring the services of the Best Professional Photographers in New Delhi will benefit you.

  • Candid photography is also much more personal in comparison to traditional posed photos. In traditional photography, you might have to stage and fake and also smile for the cameras. That is, however, not the case with candid shots. These are the snapshots of real life and they make it more memorable and unique.
  • This photograph is also much less formal than the traditional posed photographs. Everyone wants to have a wedding day wherein they feel completely relaxed and informal and candid photography helps in achieving this atmosphere. The posed shots also look quite stiff and formal while the candid shots provide natural spontaneity.
  • Candid photography is also much more interesting. When there are smiling photographs lined one after another, it might seem to be a little boring. But a candid photograph is where someone might laugh or cry and this can be quite interesting. This photography makes your wedding albums quite interesting.
  • This type of candid photography is also quite affordable in comparison to traditional posed shots. The candid photographs can be clicked easily and very fast. This makes it quite a cost-effective way that will help you to capture the special moments of the wedding day.

Our Services

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This is a kind of photography where neither the scene nor the models are staged. These are mostly photos of people. You can take these photos anywhere- at home, in the grocery store or even at the birth day parties. These kinds of photographies are mainly used in photojournalism.

Whether we are doing product photography, shooting the picture of the birds, or doing a wedding photoshoot, planning is essential. The photography will succeed only if the photo shoot is planned well. This is the case even with Fashion photography.

This is a maternity shoot that is done throughout the pregnancy. This shoot captures the special moments of the growing baby bump. This also glorifies the unity of both the mother and the baby. It is good to photograph during the third trimester. There is also no fixed time to plan the shoot. However, we recommend a time when the belly is round.

We use cameras that can control the focus point manually. This means that the camera will not decide for itself where to focus. We try to stick the focus point on the eyes of the child. Again, in case they are not facing the photographer, we focus on the look nearest to the camera.

The pre-wedding shoot might sound a bit fancy, but several couples think it is unnecessary and expensive too. But the truth is that a pre-wedding photoshoot has several perks that will help you.

This kind of photography is not one size that fits all. The ecommerce stores have several features along with a variety of products as well as services. Similar is the case with the product photographs. They, too, come in a variety of styles as well as purposes—some of these products we use regularly, and others that we use only at times.

To understand the client's requirements, we first arrange for a pre-event meeting with the client or the person in charge of the event. We asked about the venue and many questions related to the event. We then bring together an outline of the schedule and try to walk through it step by step.

Most people think a portrait is a photograph of a person that only depicts them from head to shoulders. But a portrait can also be of your cat or your brother's feet on a skateboard.

These are the most uncommon questions that you should ask a candid photographer

Describe the style of photography

The first and most important thing that you have to ask the candid photographer is the photography style. This will help you to choose a photographer who will be able to match your style. Again, if you are not a person, who can pose well, you need to share this information with your photographer and wait for their response.

Know about the restrictions on shots that have to be taken

You will have to ask the Professional Photographers in Delhi to provide you with a list of the candid shots they are planning to click. There are several photographers, who do not believe in preparing a list but prefer going with the flow. It would be best if you could ask the photographer about the restrictions that he might have about clicking the wedding photographs. You should also ask the photographer about that part of the package where you need to make an extra payment.  

You should have the details of the main photographer with you

Another very important thing that you will have to check is who the actual photographer is for the day. This is quite important information that is essential for you to enquire with the photographer. In most cases, you will see that the wedding photographers have at least 3 to 4 teams who are deployed to work at the different venues. If you are interested to work with a particular photographer, you need to ask for the same. You should hire the services of the best Professional Videographers in Delhi.


What should you expect from your candid wedding photographer? This is one of the most important questions that help in determining the feasibility of the shot. For example, you are expecting cinematic shots but you get normal candids. Quite obviously, it will not satisfy your needs. Therefore, you must clear all the details from the photographer before you hire their services. The Best Videographers in Delhi NCR will help you to take very good photos.

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Photography is about capturing moments you’ll want to remember forever

We serve in  New Delhi Sohna, Manesar and in Gurgaon also. We are also providing wedding videos live streaming services on Youtube, Facebook, Zoom and other social media platforms.

Why Choose G-Images - Professional Photography & Videography

Capture the beauty in simplicity

G-Images is a dedicated team of Wedding Photographers in Gurgaon and NCR following their passion and skills in a professional way. Our team is skilled in capturing the best memories for you, and making it memorable too. Making us vastly popular as one of the Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Gurgaon. Most of our clients are through reference of our previous clients. 

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"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do."

Andy Warhol

Create your beautiful photo with the best filters

Being in the field of photography for more than a decade, We at Wedding Shoot has successfully carved a niche for itself. Be it Weddings, Candid Moments, Corporate Events, or even Product Photography; Wedding Shoot has achieved its standards of client expectations.

Our Testimonials

What our clients say

G-Images – Professional Photography & Videography

best pre wedding photographers in delhi

Chandrabhan Singh


Availed their services for my engagement, they were bang on. Very professional and extreme value for money. No tantrums at all. The photographers were calm and soft spoken, they was loved by everyone in the event. Will definitely be booking them for my pre-wedding, wedding, and all other occassions.

best pre wedding photographers in delhi

Suna Khan


Got my pre-wedding photo shoot done by G-Images Digital photography, to get it done by a bunch of professionals, good quality equipments(cameras), friendly and responsive individuals finally gave a lovely result of pre wedding photos and video.. the whole experience great!

best pre wedding photographers in delhi

Himanshu Sharma


Thank you G-Images Digital Photography team for making such a memorable pictures of our per wedding shoot😊😊. Amazing work!♥️
G-Images and Team did excellent work in my brother and sister’s wedding ceremony.Prewedding video and photographs are also very beautiful. Good work,highly recommend.

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